Holographic Duality, by Solco Schalm

The painting by Solko Schalm visualizes the so-called holographic gauge/gravity duality. This states that there is a mathematical equivalence between Einstein's theory of general relativity and strongly coupled quantum theories on the boundary of space-time. The space-time must be hyperbolically curved and the imagery of hyperbolic surfaces was made famous by Escher. In general relativity these hyperbolic spacetimes can curve even further up to the formation of black- and white-holes. In our current understanding of the duality, a black-hole and a white-hole connected by a wormhole actually exemplify the most peculiar characteristic of quantum mechanics: they are an entangled pair.

Solco Schalm is the brother of our colleague Koenraad Schalm,
co-author of a textbook on the holographic duality.