Horndeski Scalar Theory--Past, Present & Future, No.1, 37"x29", acrylic on Masonite. Property of the Lorentz Institute at Leiden University in the Netherlands

Many physicists familiar with my work on scalar-tensor field theories also know about my paintings. In fact several physicists have shown images of my paintings during their lectures at conferences, and one fellow included an image of one of my paintings on the last page of his Ph.D. thesis. So you see, not all physicists are uncultured slobs. One of the more culturally sophisticated physicists is Professor Alessandra Silvestri at the Lorentz Institute of the University of Leiden, in the Netherlands. She felt that since so many people at the Institute are working on Horndeski Theory, they should have a Horndeski painting, in particular one dealing with my equations. So last May they bought a piece on mine in which I painted my equations over a night sky. The piece in question is depicted above. I have been told that some physicists who visit the Institute have their picture taken with my painting. What an honor.

Gregory Horndeski, November 2019