Leiden University
Kubo in Leiden

In 1981, the theoretical physicist Ryogo Kubo (a pioneer in the field of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics) spent the Spring in Leiden as a visiting professor at the Instituut-Lorentz. (He was the Lorentz Professor of that year.) Kubo recorded his impressions in a sketch book, as he was used to do when traveling abroad. Shortly before his death in 1995, Kubo's sketches with comments were reproduced and distributed among his friends. Here is a selection.

Ryogo Kubo was our first "resident artist". Our second resident artist, Katherine Luna, contributed these drawings of Lorentz professors and this painting of concepts from (theoretical) physics.



There are tulips, canals, drawbridges, windmills everywhere in the suburbs of Leiden. We felt like being in a fantasy land.


Along the path near our home, there still remained two windmills...They transmit the wisdom and the spirit of the struggle of ancestors to younger generations.


Storehouses along a canal in Leiden.

Old drawbridge

Old drawbridge at the entrance to the city.

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