Interdisciplinary research into Veterinary Bioscience

email from IJVB



I regularly receive email from editors that sollicit a contribution to their journal. This email was unusual, I had no idea my research on Weyl fermions had such interdisciplinary appeal. I mentioned this over dinner at a recent workshop, when the topic was "weird spam mails", and Brian Skinner explained it to me: "Didn't your article on Weyl fermions refer to a Zoo?" Finally it all made sense, thank you, Brian.

Once you are recognized as an expert, it never stops; I can't resist sharing the latest email request I received:

Dear Dr. Beenakker,
We sent you an email previously but in case you missed it, due to your involvement in the field, IntechOpen invites you to contribute a chapter to Zoo Animals, an Open Access book edited by Dr. Arbab Sikandar. Work with an internationally recognised peer group and gain increased visibility for your published work.