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Publications from the Instituut-Lorentz in the year 2015

* A Achúcarro, V Atal, Y Welling,
On the viability of m2phi2 and natural inflation.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 07, 008 (2015).

* A Achúcarro, V Atal, M Kawasaki, F Takahashi,
The two-field regime of natural inflation.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 12, 044 (2015).

* A Almog, T Squartini, D Garlaschelli,
A GDP-driven model for the binary and weighted structure of the International Trade Network.
New Journal of Physics 17, 013009 (2015).

* A Almog, F Besamusca, M MacMahon, D Garlaschelli,
Mesoscopic community structure of financial markets revealed by price and sign fluctuations.
PLOS ONE 10, e0133679 (2015).

* A Amoretti, A Braggio, N Magnoli, D Musso,
Bounds on charge and heat diffusivities in momentum dissipating holography.
Journal of High Energy Physics 07, 102 (2015).

* A Amoretti, D Musso,
Magneto-transport from momentum dissipating holography.
Journal of High Energy Physics 09, 094 (2015).

* IY Arefeva, AA Bagrov,
Holographic dual of a conical defect.
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics 182, 1-22 (2015).

* R Argurio, A Marzolla, A Mezzalira, D Naegels,
Note on holographic nonrelativistic Goldstone bosons.
Physical Review D 92, 066009 (2015).

* P Baireuther, T Hyart, B Tarasinski, CWJ Beenakker,
Andreev-Bragg reflection from an Amperian superconductor.
Physical Review Letters 115, 097001 (2015).

* B Baxevanis, VP Ostroukh, CWJ Beenakker,
Even-odd flux quanta effect in the Fraunhofer oscillations of an edge-channel Josephson junction.
Physical Review B 91, 041409 (2015).

* CWJ Beenakker,
Random-matrix theory of Majorana fermions and topological superconductors.
Reviews of Modern Physics 87, 1037-1066 (2015).

* FA Berends,
Lorentz, the Solvay councils and the physics institute.
European Physical Journal-Special Topics 224, 2091-2111 (2015).

* MJ Bhaseen, B Doyon, A Lucas, K Schalm,
Energy flow in quantum critical systems far from equilibrium.
Nature Physics 11, 509-514 (2015).

* MP Bogers, JW van Holten,
Canonical D=1 supergravity framework for FLRW cosmology.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 05, 039 (2015).

* A Boyarsky, J Franse, D Iakubovskyi, O Ruchayskiy,
Checking the dark matter origin of a 3.53 keV line with the Milky Way center.
Physical Review Letters 115, 161301 (2015).

* A Boyarsky, J Frohlich, O Ruchayskiy,
Magnetohydrodynamics of chiral relativistic fluids.
Physical Review D 92, 043004 (2015).

* YF Cai, EGM Ferreira, B Hu, J Quintin,
Searching for features of a string-inspired inflationary model with cosmological observations.
Physical Review D 92, 121303 (2015).

* VE Calado, S Goswami, G Nanda, M Diez, AR Akhmerov, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, TM Klapwijk, LMK Vandersypen,
Ballistic Josephson junctions in edge-contacted graphene.
Nature Nanotechnology 10, 761-761 (2015).

* F Calore, N Bozorgnia, M Lovell, G Bertone, M Schaller, CS Frenk, RA Crain, J Schaye, T Theuns, JW Trayford,
Simulated milky way analogues: Implications for dark matter indirect searches.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 053 (2015).

* V Chikkadi, E Woldhuis, M van Hecke, P Schall,
Correlations of strain and plasticity in a flowing foam.
EPL 112, 36004 (2015).

* G Cimini, T Squartini, A Gabrielli, D Garlaschelli,
Estimating topological properties of weighted networks from limited information.
Physical Review E 92, 040802 (2015).

* G Cimini, T Squartini, D Garlaschelli, A Gabrielli,
Systemic risk analysis on reconstructed economic and financial networks.
Scientific Reports 5, 15758 (2015).

* G Cimini, T Squartini, N Musmeci, M Puliga, A Gabrielli, D Garlaschelli, S Battiston, G Caldarelli,
Reconstructing topological properties of complex networks using the fitness model.
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8852, 323-333 (2015).

* B Clauwens, J Schaye, M Franx,
An assessment of the evidence from ATLAS3D for a variable initial mass function.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 449, 4091-4104 (2015).

* G d'Ambrosi, SS Kumar, JW van Holten,
Covariant Hamiltonian spin dynamics in curved space-time.
Physics Letters B 743, 478-483 (2015).

* RA Davison, B Gouteraux,
Dissecting holographic conductivities.
Journal of High Energy Physics 09, 090 (2015).

* RA Davison, B Gouteraux, SA Hartnoll,
Incoherent transport in clean quantum critical metals.
Journal of High Energy Physics 10, 112 (2015).

* RA Davison, B Gouteraux,
Momentum dissipation and effective theories of coherent and incoherent transport.
Journal of High Energy Physics 01, 039 (2015).

* G de Lange, B van Heck, A Bruno, DJ van Woerkom, A Geresdi, SR Plissard, EPAM Bakkers, AR Akhmerov, L DiCarlo,
Realization of microwave quantum circuits using hybrid superconducting-semiconducting nanowire Josephson elements.
Physical Review Letters 115, 127002 (2015).

* M Diez, DI Pikulin, IC Fulga, J Tworzydlo,
Extended topological group structure due to average reflection symmetry.
New Journal of Physics 17, 043014 (2015).

* M Diez, AMRVL Monteiro, G Mattoni, E Cobanera, T Hyart, E Mulazimoglu, N Bovenzi, CWJ Beenakker, AD Caviglia,
Giant negative magnetoresistance driven by spin-orbit coupling at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface.
Physical Review Letters 115, 016803 (2015).

* B Doyon, A Lucas, K Schalm, MJ Bhaseen,
Non-equilibrium steady states in the Klein-Gordon theory.
Journal of Physics A 48, 095002 (2015).

* J Erdmenger, B Herwerth, S Klug, R Meyer, K Schalm,
S-wave superconductivity in anisotropic holographic insulators.
Journal of High Energy Physics 05, 094 (2015).

* R Everaers, H Schiessel,
The physics of chromatin.
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 27, 060301 (2015).

* A Fathizadeh, H Schiessel, MR Ejtehadi,
Molecular dynamics simulation of supercoiled DNA rings.
Macromolecules 48, 164-172 (2015).

* P Fonda, L Giomi, A Salvio, E Tonni,
On shape dependence of holographic mutual information in AdS4.
Journal of High Energy Physics 02, 005 (2015).

* O Gamayun, YV Bezvershenko, V Cheianov,
Fate of a gray soliton in a quenched Bose-Einstein condensate.
Physical Review A 91, 031605 (2015).

* O Gamayun, O Lychkovskiy, V Cheianov,
Reply to "comment on 'Kinetic theory for a mobile impurity in a degenerate Tonks-Girardeau gas'".
Physical Review E 92, 016102 (2015).

* A Garzilli, T Theuns, J Schaye,
The broadening of Lyman-alpha forest absorption lines.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 450, 1465-1476 (2015).

* V Gemmetto, D Garlaschelli,
Multiplexity versus correlation: The role of local constraints in real multiplexes.
Scientific Reports 5, 9120 (2015).

* L Giomi,
Geometry and topology of turbulence in active nematics.
Physical Review X 5, 031003 (2015).

* NV Gnezdilov, B van Heck, M Diez, JA Hutasoit, CWJ Beenakker,
Topologically protected charge transfer along the edge of a chiral p-wave superconductor.
Physical Review B 92, 121406 (2015).

* LR Gomez, NA Garcia, V Vitelli, J Lorenzana, DA Vega,
Phase nucleation in curved space.
Nature Communications 6, 6856 (2015).

* S Grozdanov, A Lucas, S Sachdev, K. Schalm,
Absence of disorder-driven metal-insulator transitions in simple holographic models.
Physical Review Letters 115, 221601 (2015).

* S Grozdanov, J Polonyi,
Dynamics of the electric current in an ideal electron gas: A sound mode inside the quasiparticles.
Physical Review D 92, 065009 (2015).

* S Grozdanov, AO Starinets,
On the universal identity in second order hydrodynamics.
Journal of High Energy Physics 03, 007 (2015).

* E Gubankova, M Cubrovic, J Zaanen,
Exciton-driven quantum phase transitions in holography.
Physical Review D 92, 086004 (2015).

* B van Heck, T Hyart, CWJ Beenakker,
Minimal circuit for a flux-controlled Majorana qubit in a quantum spin-Hall insulator.
Physica Scripta T 164, 014007 (2015).

* JW van Holten,
Gauge-covariant extensions of Killing tensors and conservation laws.
Journal of Physics Conference Series 597, 012072 (2015).

* B Hu, M Raveri,
Can modified gravity models reconcile the tension between the CMB anisotropy and lensing maps in Planck-like observations?
Physical Review D 91, 123515 (2015).

* B Hu, M Raveri, A Silvestri, N Frusciante,
Exploring massive neutrinos in dark cosmologies with EFTCAMB/EFTCosmoMC.
Physical Review D 91, 063524 (2015).

* B Hu, J Torrado,
Searching for primordial localized features with CMB and LSS spectra.
Physical Review D 91, 064039 (2015).

* JA Hutasoit,
Universality lost: Relation between quantizations of the Hall conductance and the edge exponents in fractional quantum Hall effect.
Physical Review B 91, 081113 (2015).

* SK Jain, V Juricic, GT Barkema,
Probing crystallinity of graphene samples via the vibrational density of states.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 6, 3897-3902 (2015).

* SK Jain, GT Barkema, N Mousseau, CM Fang, MA van Huis,
Strong long-range relaxations of structural defects in graphene simulated using a new semiempirical potential.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119, 9646-9655 (2015).

* R Keesman, AO Leonov, P van Dieten, S Buhrandt, GT Barkema, L Fritz, RA Duine,
Degeneracies and fluctuations of Néel skyrmions in confined geometries.
Physical Review B 92, 134405 (2015).

* B Keimer, SA Kivelson, MR Norman, S Uchida, J Zaanen,
From quantum matter to high-temperature superconductivity in copper oxides.
Nature 518, 179-186 (2015).

* L Kimme, T Hyart, B Rosenow,
Symmetry-protected topological invariant and Majorana impurity states in time-reversal-invariant superconductors.
Physical Review B 91, 220501 (2015).

* F Kohlinger, H Hoekstra, M Eriksen,
Statistical uncertainties and systematic errors in weak lensing mass estimates of galaxy clusters.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 453, 3107-3119 (2015).

* F Lambert, F Berends, M Eckert,
The early Solvay councils and the advent of the quantum era.
European Physical Journal-Special Topics 224, 2011-2021 (2015).

* L Lenz, M Hoenderdos, P Prinsen, H Schiessel,
The influence of DNA shape fluctuations on fluorescence resonance energy transfer efficiency measurements in nucleosomes.
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 27, 064104 (2015).

* K Liu, J Nissinen, Z Nussinov, RJ Slager, K Wu, J Zaanen,
Classification of nematic order in 2+1 dimensions: Dislocation melting and O(2)/Zn lattice gauge theory.
Physical Review B 91, 075103 (2015).

* MR Lovell, G Bertone, A Boyarsky, A Jenkins, O Ruchayskiy,
Decaying dark matter: The case for a deep X-ray observation of Draco.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 451, 1573-1585 (2015).

* M MacMahon, D Garlaschelli,
Community detection for correlation matrices.
Physical Review X 5, 021006 (2015).

* A Milsted, L Seabra, IC Fulga, CWJ Beenakker, E Cobanera,
Statistical translation invariance protects a topological insulator from interactions.
Physical Review B 92, 085139 (2015).

* JA Mydosh,
Spin glasses: Redux: An updated experimental/materials survey.
Reports on Progress in Physics 78, 052501 (2015).

* LM Nash, D Kleckner, A Read, V Vitelli, AM Turner, WTM Irvine,
Topological mechanics of gyroscopic metamaterials.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112, 14495-14500 (2015).

* T Odijk,
A tree swaying in a turbulent wind: A scaling analysis.
Journal of Biological Physics 41, 1-7 (2015).

* D Panja, GT Barkema, RC Ball,
Complex interactions with the surroundings dictate a tagged chain's dynamics in unentangled polymer melts.
Macromolecules 48, 1442-1453 (2015).

* D Panja, GT Barkema, JMJ van Leeuwen,
Efficient simulation of semiflexible polymers.
Physical Review E 92, 032603 (2015).

* A Parnachev, N Poovuttikul,
Topological entanglement entropy, ground state degeneracy and holography.
Journal of High Energy Physics 10, 092 (2015).

* J Paulose, AS Meeussen, V Vitelli,
Selective buckling via states of self-stress in topological metamaterials.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112, 7639-7644 (2015).

* J Paulose, BGG Chen, V Vitelli,
Topological modes bound to dislocations in mechanical metamaterials.
Nature Physics 11, 153-156 (2015).

* M Raveri, C Baccigalupi, A Silvestri, SY Zhou,
Measuring the speed of cosmological gravitational waves.
Physical Review D 91, 061501 (2015).

* G Rigopoulos, W Valkenburg,
On the accuracy of N-body simulations at very large scales.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 446, 677-682 (2015).

* H Schomerus, M Marciani, CWJ Beenakker,
Effect of chiral symmetry on chaotic scattering from Majorana zero modes.
Physical Review Letters 114, 166803 (2015).

* RD Schram, GT Barkema,
Monte Carlo methods beyond detailed balance.
Physica A-Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 418, 88-93 (2015).

* RD Schram, H Klinker, PB Becker, H Schiessel,
Computational study of remodeling in a nucleosomal array.
European Physical Journal E 38, 85 (2015).

* RJ Slager, L Rademaker, J Zaanen, L Balents,
Impurity-bound states and Green's function zeros as local signatures of topology.
Physical Review B 92, 085126 (2015).

* K Sousa, P Ortiz,
Perturbative stability along the supersymmetric directions of the landscape.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 02, 017 (2015).

* T Squartini, E Ser-Giacomi, D Garlaschelli, G Judge,
Information recovery in behavioral networks.
PLOS ONE 10, e0125077 (2015).

* T Squartini, R Mastrandrea, D Garlaschelli,
Unbiased sampling of network ensembles.
New Journal of Physics 17, 023052 (2015).

* T Squartini, J de Mol, F den Hollander, D Garlaschelli,
Breaking of ensemble equivalence in networks.
Physical Review Letters 115, 268701 (2015).

* T Squartini, D Garlaschelli,
Stationarity, non-stationarity and early warning signals in economic networks.
Journal of Complex Networks 3, 1-21 (2015).

* B Tarasinski, D Chevallier, JA Hutasoit, B Baxevanis, CWJ Beenakker,
Quench dynamics of fermion-parity switches in a Josephson junction.
Physical Review B 92, 144306 (2015).

* M Tompitak, BE Mossallam, G Barkema, H Schiessel,
Sequence dependent plectoneme dynamics.
Biophysical Journal 108, 392A (2015).

* W Valkenburg, B Hu,
Initial conditions for cosmological N-body simulations of the scalar sector of theories of Newtonian, Relativistic and Modified Gravity.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 054 (2015).

* I van Weperen, B Tarasinski, D Eeltink, VS Pribiag, SR Plissard, EPAM Bakkers, LP Kouwenhoven, M Wimmer,
Spin-orbit interaction in InSb nanowires.
Physical Review B 91, 201413 (2015).

* S Waitukaitis, R Menaut, BGG Chen, M van Hecke,
Origami multistability: From single vertices to metasheets.
Physical Review Letters 114, 055503 (2015).

* JC Walter, GT Barkema,
An introduction to Monte Carlo methods.
Physica A-Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 418, 78-87 (2015).

* YG Wang, WA Guo, HWJ Blöte,
Completely packed O(n) loop models and their relation with exactly solved coloring models.
Physical Review E 91, 032123 (2015).

* A Ward, F Hilitski, W Schwenger, D Welch, AWC Lau, V Vitelli, L Mahadevan, Z Dogic,
Solid friction between soft filaments.
Nature Materials 14, 583-588 (2015).

* E Woldhuis, V Chikkadi, MS van Deen, P Schall, M van Hecke,
Fluctuations in flows near jamming.
Soft Matter 11, 7024-7031 (2015).

* LY Zhang, DZ Rocklin, BGG Chen, XM Mao,
Rigidity percolation by next-nearest-neighbor bonds on generic and regular isostatic lattices.
Physical Review E 91, 032124 (2015).

* Z Zhu, CS Tian, HC Jiang, Y Qi, ZY Weng, J Zaanen,
Charge modulation as fingerprints of phase-string triggered interference.
Physical Review B 92, 035113 (2015).

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