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Publications from the Instituut-Lorentz in the year 1996

* DP Aalberts,
Monte Carlo study of polyelectrolyte gels.
Journal of Polymer Science Part B-Polymer Physics 34, 1127-1131 (1996).

* DP Aalberts, JMJ van Leeuwen,
Dynamic symmetry breaking in a model of polymer reptation.
Electrophoresis 17, 1003-1010 (1996).

* J Bala, AM Oles, J Zaanen,
Quasiparticles in the spin-fermion model for CuO_2 planes.
Physical Review B 54, 10161-10174 (1996).

* CWJ Beenakker, JCJ Paasschens, PW Brouwer,
Probability of reflection by a random laser.
Physical Review Letters 76, 1368-1371 (1996).

* W Beenakker, R Höpker,
SUSY-QCD corrections in the squark-gluino sector.
Nuclear Physics B 261-266 (1996).

* W Beenakker, R Höpker, PM Zerwas,
SUSY-QCD decays of squarks and gluinos.
Physics Letters B 378, 159-166 (1996).

* W Beenakker, GJ van Oldenborgh,
The effect of the Higgs boson on the threshold cross-section in W-pair production.
Physics Letters B 381, 248-254 (1996).

* W Beenakker, GJ van Oldenborgh, J Hoogland, R Kleiss,
Definitions and upper bounds for unstable boson masses.
Physics Letters B 376, 136-141 (1996).

* FA Berends, AI Davydychev, VA Smirnov,
Small-threshold behaviour of two-loop self-energy diagrams: Some special cases.
Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplement 51, 301-306 (1996).

* FA Berends, AI Davydychev, VA Smirnov,
Small-threshold behaviour of two-loop self-energy diagrams: Two-particle thresholds.
Nuclear Physics B 478, 59-89 (1996).

* J Blümlein, S Riemersma, WL van Neerven, A Vogt,
Theoretical uncertainties in the QCD evolution of structure functions and their impact on alpha_s(M_Z^2).
Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplement 51, 97-105 (1996).

* PW Brouwer, CWJ Beenakker
Phase-dependent magnetoconductance fluctuations in a chaotic Josephson junction.
Physical Review B 54, 12705-12708 (1996).

* PW Brouwer, CWJ Beenakker,
Diagrammatic method of integration over the unitary group, with applications to quantum transport in mesoscopic systems.
Journal of Mathematical Physics 37, 4904-4934 (1996).

* PW Brouwer, K Frahm,
Quantum transport in disordered wires: Equivalence of the one-dimensional sigma model and the Dorokhov-Mello-Pereyra-Kumar equation.
Physical Review B 53, 1490-1501 (1996).

* M Buza, Y Matiounine, J Smith, R Migneron, WL van Neerven,
Heavy quark coefficient functions at asymptotic values Q^2 >> m^2.
Nuclear Physics B 472, 611-658 (1996).

* P de Forcrand, M García-Pérez, IO Stamatescu,
Improved cooling algorithm for gauge theories.
Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplement 47, 777-780 (1996).

* MJM de Jong, CWJ Beenakker,
Semiclassical theory of shot noise in mesoscopic conductors.
Physica A-Statistical and Theoretical Physics 230, 219-248 (1996).

* PJH Denteneer,
Strong-coupling expansion for the Hubbard model in arbitrary dimension using slave bosons.
Physical Review B 53, 9764-9769 (1996).

* U Ebert, A Baumgartner, L Schafer,
Universal short-time motion of a polymer in a random environment: Analytical calculations, a blob picture, and Monte Carlo results.
Physical Review E 53, 950-965 (1996).

* U Ebert, W van Saarloos, C Caroli,
Streamer propagation as a pattern formation problem: Planar fronts.
Physical Review Letters 77, 4178-4181 (1996).

* H Eskes, R Eder
Hubbard model versus t-J model: The one-particle spectrum.
Physical Review B 54, 14226-14229 (1996).

* H Eskes, R Grimberg, W van Saarloos, J Zaanen,
Quantizing charged magnetic domain walls: Strings on a lattice.
Physical Review B 54, R724-R727 (1996).

* KM Frahm, PW Brouwer, JA Melsen, CWJ Beenakker,
Effect of the coupling to a superconductor on the level statistics of a metal grain in a magnetic field.
Physical Review Letters 76, 2981-2984 (1996).

* ZN Liang, L Niesen, C Haas, PJH Denteneer,
Donor-hydrogen complexes in crystalline silicon.
Nuovo Cimento D 18, 181-198 (1996).

* V Loreto, A Vespignani, S Zapperi,
Renormalization scheme for forest-fire models.
Journal of Physics A 29, 2981-3004 (1996).

* JA Melsen, PW Brouwer, KM Frahm, CWJ Beenakker,
Induced superconductivity distinguishes chaotic from integrable billiards.
Europhysics Letters 35, 7-12 (1996).

* R Mertig, WL van Neerven,
The calculation of the two-loop spin splitting functions P_ij^1(x).
Zeitschrift für Physik C-Particles and Fields 70, 637-653 (1996).

* TS Misirpashaev, CWJ Beenakker,
Reflectance fluctuations in an absorbing random waveguide.
JETP Letters 64, 319-324 (1996).

* JCJ Paasschens, TS Misirpashaev, CWJ Beenakker,
Localization of light: Dual symmetry between absorption and amplification.
Physical Review B 54, 11887-11890 (1996).

* E Pellegrin, J Zaanen, HJ Lin, G Meigs, CT Chen, GH Ho, H Eisaki, S Uchida,
O 1s near-edge X-ray absorption of La_{2-x}Sr_xNiO_{4+delta}: Holes, polarons, and excitons.
Physical Review B 53, 10667-10679 (1996).

* M García-Pérez, J Snippe, P van Baal
A Monte Carlo study of old, new and tadpole improved actions.
Physics Letters B 389, 112-118 (1996).

* M García-Pérez, P van Baal
The electroweak sphaleron on the lattice.
Nuclear Physics B 468, 277-292 (1996).

* B Rejaei
Equivalence of the transmission-eigenvalue density in supersymmetric and scaling theories of disordered wires without time-reversal symmetry.
Physical Review B 53, 13235-13238 (1996).

* PJ Rijken, WL van Neerven,
O(alpha_s^2) contributions to the longitudinal fragmentation function in e+e- annihilation.
Physics Letters B 386, 422-428 (1996).

* J Snippe,
Square Symanzik action to one-loop order.
Physics Letters B 389, 119-120 (1996).

* P van Baal,
Marginally stable solutions.
Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplement 47, 326-329 (1996).

* B van den Heuvel,
One-loop effective action for SU(2) gauge theory on S^3.
Physics Letters B 386, 233-240 (1996).

* B van den Heuvel,
Glueball spectroscopy on S^3.
Physics Letters B 368, 124-130 (1996).

* SA van Langen, PW Brouwer, CWJ Beenakker
Nonperturbative calculation of the probability distribution of plane-wave transmission through a disordered waveguide.
Physical Review E 53, R1344-R1347 (1996).

* JMJ van Leeuwen, MSL du Croo de Jongh, PJH Denteneer
Spin stiffness in the Hubbard model.
Journal of Physics A 29, 41-57 (1996).

* WL van Neerven, M Buza, Y Matiounine, J Smith, R Migneron,
Determination of the asymptotic behaviour of the heavy flavour coefficient functions in deep inelastic scattering.
Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplement 51, 183-187 (1996).

* GJ van Oldenborgh
Hard photons in W pair production at LEP 2.
Nuclear Physics B 470, 71-83 (1996).

* A Vespignani, S Zapperi, V Loreto,
Renormalization of nonequilibrium systems with critical stationary states.
Physical Review Letters 77, 4560-4563 (1996).

* MCJM Vissenberg, MJM de Jong,
Theory of exciton migration and field-induced dissociation in conjugated polymers.
Physical Review Letters 77, 4820-4823 (1996).

* FLJ Vos, DP Aalberts, W van Saarloos,
Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model applied to chains of finite length.
Physical Review B 53, 14922-14928 (1996).

* FLJ Vos, DP Aalberts, W van Saarloos
Simple method for calculating the speed of sound in tight-binding models: Application to the Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model.
Physical Review B 53, R5986-R5989 (1996).

* J Zaanen, ML Horbach, W van Saarloos,
Charged domain-wall dynamics in doped antiferromagnets and spin fluctuations in cuprate superconductors.
Physical Review B 53, 8671-8680 (1996).

* J Zaanen, AM Oles
Striped phase in the cuprates as a semiclassical phenomenon.
Annalen der Physik 5, 224-246 (1996).

* J Zaanen, OY Osman, H Eskes, W van Saarloos,
Dynamical stripe correlations in cuprate superconductors.
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 105, 569-579 (1996).

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