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Publications from the Instituut-Lorentz in the year 1994

* J Bala, AM Oles, J Zaanen,
Zhang-Rice localization and quasi-particles in CuO2 planes.
Physica C 235, 2309-2310 (1994).

* J Bala, AM Oles, J Zaanen,
Zhang-Rice localization, quasi-particle dispersions, and the photoemission of NiO.
Physical Review Letters 72, 2600-2603 (1994).

* S Bauberger, FA Berends, M Bohm, M Buza, G Weiglein,
Calculation of two-loop self-energies in the electroweak standard model.
Nuclear Physics B 95-114 (1994).

* CWJ Beenakker,
Random-matrix theory of quantum-size effects on nuclear-magnetic-resonance in metal particles.
Physical Review B 50, 15170-15173 (1994).

* CWJ Beenakker,
Universality of Brézin and Zee's spectral correlator.
Nuclear Physics B 422, 515-520 (1994).

* CWJ Beenakker,
Universality of weak-localization in disordered wires.
Physical Review B 49, 2205-2207 (1994).

* CWJ Beenakker, JA Melsen,
Conductance fluctuations, weak-localization, and shot-noise for a ballistic constriction in a disordered wire.
Physical Review B 50, 2450-2457 (1994).

* CWJ Beenakker, B Rejaei,
Exact solution for the distribution of transmission eigenvalues in a disordered wire and comparison with random-matrix theory.
Physical Review B 49, 7499-7510 (1994).

* CWJ Beenakker, B Rejaei,
Random-matrix theory of parametric correlations in the spectra of disordered metals and chaotic billiards.
Physica A-Statistical and Theoretical Physics 203, 61-90 (1994).

* CWJ Beenakker, B Rejaei, JA Melsen,
Scaling theory of conduction through a normal-superconductor microbridge.
Physical Review Letters 72, 2470-2473 (1994).

* W Beenakker, A Denner, W Hollik, R Mertig, T Sack, D Wackeroth,
Electroweak one-loop contributions to top pair production in hadron colliders.
Nuclear Physics B 411, 343-380 (1994).

* FA Berends, M Bohm, M Buza, R Scharf,
Closed expressions for specific massive multiloop self-energy integrals.
Zeitschrift für Physik C-Particles and Fields 63, 227-234 (1994).

* FA Berends, R Pittau, R Kleiss,
Four-fermion production in e+e- annihilation.
Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplement 37, 163-168 (1994).

* FA Berends, R Pittau, R Kleiss,
Initial-state QED corrections to four-fermion production in e+e- collisions at LEP200 and beyond.
Nuclear Physics B 426, 344-354 (1994).

* FA Berends, R Pittau, R Kleiss,
All electroweak four-fermion processes in electron-positron collisions.
Nuclear Physics B 424, 308-342 (1994).

* FA Berends, JB Tausk,
On the numerical evaluation of scalar two-loop self-energy diagrams.
Nuclear Physics B 421, 456-470 (1994).

* PJM Bongaarts, HGJ Pijls,
Almost commutative algebra and differential-calculus on the quantum hyperplane.
Journal of Mathematical Physics 35, 959-970 (1994).

* PW Brouwer, CWJ Beenakker,
Conductance distribution of a quantum-dot with nonideal single-channel leads.
Physical Review B 50, 11263-11266 (1994).

* DJ Bukman, JMJ van Leeuwen,
Pressure and density of vacancies in solid He-4.
Physical Review B 49, 226-232 (1994).

* MJM de Jong, CWJ Beenakker,
Doubled shot-noise in disordered normal-metal superconductor junctions.
Physical Review B 49, 16070-16073 (1994).

* PJH Denteneer,
Superfluid density in the two-dimensional attractive Hubbard-model - quantitative estimates.
Physical Review B 49, 6364-6367 (1994).

* PJH Denteneer, JMJ van Leeuwen,
Spin-waves in the 2D Hubbard-model beyond the RPA.
Physica B-Condensed Matter 199, 319-321 (1994).

* A Drzewinski, JMJ van Leeuwen,
Renormalization of the Ising-model in a transverse field.
Physical Review B 49, 403-408 (1994).

* ML Horbach, FLJ Vos, W van Saarloos,
Fluctuation conductivity and Ginzburg-Landau parameters in high-temperature superconductors above T_c - effect of strong inelastic-scattering.
Physical Review B 49, 3539-3543 (1994).

* RA Jalabert, JL Pichard, CWJ Beenakker,
Universal quantum signatures of chaos in ballistic transport.
Europhysics Letters 27, 255-260 (1994).

* R Kleiss, R Pittau,
Weight optimization in multichannel Monte-Carlo.
Computer Physics Communications 83, 141-146 (1994).

* E Laenen, S Riemersma, J Smith, WL van Neerven,
Complete next-to-leading order QCD corrections to the photon structure functions F_2^gamma(x,q^2) and F_l^gamma(x,q^2).
Physical Review D 49, 5753-5768 (1994).

* E Laenen, J Smith, WL van Neerven,
Top-quark production cross-section.
Physics Letters B 321, 254-258 (1994).

* PV Landshoff, P van Nieuwenhuizen,
Canonical quantization in n.A=0 gauges.
Physical Review D 50, 4157-4161 (1994).

* JA Leegwater, S Mukamel,
Semiclassical Green-function calculation of four-wave-mixing in polarizable clusters and liquids.
Journal of Chemical Physics 101, 7388-7398 (1994).

* JA Melsen, CWJ Beenakker,
Reflectionless tunneling through a double-barrier NS junction.
Physica B-Condensed Matter 203, 219-225 (1994).

* LW Molenkamp, MJM de Jong,
Observation of Knudsen and Gurzhi transport regimes in a two-dimensional wire.
Solid-State Electronics 37, 551-553 (1994).

* LW Molenkamp, MJM de Jong,
Electron-electron-scattering-induced size effects in a two-dimensional wire.
Physical Review B 49, 5038-5041 (1994).

* LW Molenkamp, AAM Staring, BW Alphenaar, H van Houten, CWJ Beenakker,
Sawtooth-like thermopower oscillations of a quantum-dot in the Coulomb-blockade regime.
Semiconductor Science and Technology 9, 903-906 (1994).

* MJP Nijmeijer, C Bruin, JMJ van Leeuwen,
Molecular-dynamics of the surface-tension of a drop - response.
Journal of Chemical Physics 100, 7845-7845 (1994).

* AM Oles, J Zaanen,
Magnetic phases and generalized t-J models in doped Mott-Hubbard insulators.
Acta Physica Polonica A 85, 145-163 (1994).

* M Garcia-Perez, A Gonzalez-Arroyo, P Martinez,
From perturbation-theory to confinement - how the string tension is built-up.
Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplement 34 228-230 (1994).

* M Garcia-Perez, A Gonzalez-Arroyo, J Snippe, P van Baal,
On the top of the energy barrier.
Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplement 34, 222-227 (1994).

* M Garcia-Perez, A Gonzalez-Arroyo, J Snippe, P van Baal,
Instantons from over-improved cooling.
Nuclear Physics B 413, 535-552 (1994).

* M Garcia-Perez, P van Baal,
Sphalerons and other saddles from cooling.
Nuclear Physics B 429, 451-473 (1994).

* A Perez-Madrid, JM Rubi, P Mazur,
Brownian-motion in the presence of a temperature-gradient.
Physica A-Statistical and Theoretical Physics 212, 231-238 (1994).

* R Pittau,
Four-quark processes at LEP-200.
Physics Letters B 335, 490-493 (1994).

* R Scharf, JB Tausk,
Scalar two-loop integrals for gauge boson self-energy diagrams with a massless fermion loop.
Nuclear Physics B 412, 523-552 (1994).

* J Snippe,
Tunneling through sphalerons - the O(3) sigma-model on a cylinder.
Physics Letters B 335, 395-402 (1994).

* P van Baal, B van den Heuvel,
Zooming-in on the SU(2) fundamental domain.
Nuclear Physics B 417, 215-237 (1994).

* HJM van Bemmel, DFB ten Haaf, W van Saarloos, JMJ van Leeuwen, G An,
Fixed-node quantum Monte-Carlo method for lattice fermions.
Physical Review Letters 72, 2442-2445 (1994).

* HJM van Bemmel, W van Saarloos,
Spin polarons in solid He-3 - suggestions for further experiments.
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 94, 551-566 (1994).

* J Zaanen, PB Littlewood,
Freezing electronic correlations by polaronic instabilities in doped La_2NiO_4.
Physical Review B 50, 7222-7225 (1994).

* EB Zijlstra, WL van Neerven,
Order-alpha_s^2 corrections to the polarized structure-function G_1(x,q^2).
Nuclear Physics B 417, 61-100 (1994).

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