Lorentz Institute Theoretical Cosmology Group

  • "Cosmic Microwave Background as seen by 
		  Planck (Image credit: ESA/Planck)"
  • "The relative amounts of the 
		  constituents of the Universe. (Image credit: ESA/Planck)."


This is the website of the Cosmology Group of the Lorentz Institute. at Leiden University.

We are invoved in exciting research at the forefront of several fields of modern cosmology, ranging from the very beginning to the current epoch of the Universe. In particular, we actively work on the following topics:

  • Dark Energy and Modifed Gravity
  • Dark Matter
  • Inflation
  • Large Scale Structures
  • Neutrino physics
  • String Theory

De Sitter cosmology program

We are part of the Leiden de Sitter cosmology programme, which aims at trainining young scientists in the Cosmology field, in an integrated MSc + PhD programme.






Instituut Lorentz

We are based at the Instituut Lorentz, which is part of the Leiden Institute of Physics (LION) at Universiteit Leiden.



We are part of the Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics which unites the existing institutes for theoretical physics of the University of Amsterdam, Leiden University, and Utrecht University.



We are part of the national programs Observing the Big Bang and Higgs as Probe and Portal of the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM).






Theoretical Cosmology Meetings

We participate to the Theoretical Cosmology meetings, a series of meeting to actively encourage the field of theoretical cosmology and to set an informal stage for the exchange of ideas in the Dutch cosmology community